• Find-A-Grave -- An online directory of cemeteries around the world; contributors submit information about those buried in each cemetery. Its goal is to create a “virtual cemetery” as “a record of all those who have been a part of our collective humanity” and as “a wonderful resource for people researching their families.” Both Ledyard Union Cemetery in Quakertown and Lambtown Cemetery are listed, in addition to many other New London County cemeteries

  • The Rogerenes of New London County, Connecticut -- Information about John Rogers and a selective bibliography put together by Brian Rogers, Special Collections Librarian, Connecticut College... part of the Roots and Routes site "put together by historians, geographers, archivists, curators and craftspeople, students and educators who live along the path of the Great New England migration"

  • "The Rogerenes: First Whites in Roxbury Township" -- Part of Rootsweb, this page contains an excerpt from The History of Morris County, describing a Rogerene settlement in colonial New Jersey. "... [I]n the vicinage of Lake Hopatcong..., locally known as Mountain Pond, ...and upon its shores and in the adjacent valleys were the abodes of forty or more families of a religious sect called Rogerenes, who came from the vicinity of New London, Connecticut, where their peculiarities of belief and conduct had provoked... persecution... [M]any families of the sect organized a colony and with their little ones and cattle set out upon a tedious and toilsome march, through a country much of which was then a trackless wilderness"



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